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As you’re driving around, you probably have seen plenty of places that can fix your iPhone. When you search online, you’ve probably seen many places you can send your iPhone to for repair. While it may seem like all you have to do is choose one, there’s something much more that you should do.

A lady in Dunn, NC recently took her iPhone to a local iPhone repair shop, as reported by ABC News. When she went to get her iPhone back, it was still being repaired. She came back and she was told that there were some other problems that needed to be repaired. When she came back again, they told her the iPhone they were talking about was someone else’s phone. Finally, the owner admitted that he had no idea where the phone was and that he ordered a new one for her. It never arrived though. Finally, the customers received $500 to buy a new one.

Would you want to go through this? Probably not.
Your iPhone is an important part of your life. Most people can’t even imagine not having it for a day. That’s why they turn to people locally to repair it in an hour. The problem with that is those places are usually not trustworthy. They often break other parts of the phone or lose the phone. That means you end up going longer without your iPhone – so much for only taking an hour, right?

Always research the place you want to repair your device. For example, we have a great track record for providing excellent customer services, especially those who send their device to us. We repair all orders within 24 hours of receiving devices, and with next day shipping, you could have your device in just a couple of days. That’s much better than losing your iPhone, paying more when something else breaks because of inexperienced technicians, or waiting days/weeks to get it back.

Browse our site night to find the repair you need. If you can’t find it, contact us. We’re always available to help you get your iPhone or other device repaired quickly and professionally.


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