Tricks for when your iPhone 5c home button’s not working

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Of all of the problems you can have with the iPhone 5c, the Home button not working may be the most annoying. Because this little button controls so much of the functionality of day to day use of the iPhone 5c, having issues with it can be very problematic. Before you do anything else, we recommend that you use the software on your iPhone 5c to give you a workaround so that you can use the rest of the troubleshooting advice provided below at your leisure. 

Software work-around
To get this feature to work, you'll need to go into your phone's Setting app, and then go in to the General to Accessibility tab. Once there, you will want to enable Assistive touch. You will be allowed to pull out an alternate Home button that can do all of the things that the standard Home button can, except that it is just a piece of software floating around on your phone. This isn't a perfect replacement for most people, as we generally want our buttons to work. But this may be a necessary temporary step while you get the rest of your phone elements together.

Once this workaround is in place, there are a couple more things that need to be done in order to figure out exactly what has gone wrong with your iPhone 5c. If you open one of your default applications, like the Calculator app, hold down the Power button, and release it once the option to turn off your phone appears, then press and hold the Home button. This will recalibrate the button, allowing you to reset the pressure it needs in order to register and bring up your Home screen. If this doesn't work, then the problem is probably not something that your software can solve.

If none of the above fixes have worked, then you may have a hardware problem. The button will need to be replaced in order to get the issue with your iPhone 5c Home button resolved. If you can't do this or do not want to spend the time and money necessary to purchase a suite of iPhone fixing tools, you can send it to a repair site. Trained professionals who understand the inner workings of your phone very well will be able to easily replace and reset any iPhone 5c problems you may have quickly and easily.

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