Travel tech safety tips for Apple users

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Traveling is easier and more fun when you bring your iPhone or iPad along for the trip, whether as a way to stay connected to email, navigate new places or watch a movie on the plane. But carrying these devices also comes with some risks, as travel conditions make it easy to break your electronics or have them stolen.

ZDNet recently offered a guide to travel tech security, which recommended safeguarding both your physical devices and the data they contain. The site recommended setting your iPhone or iPad to lock immediately and using a secret folder app to hide private files so that a thief can’t access your data in the event your phone is stolen. Subscribing to Find My iPhone also allows you to track a lost or stolen phone and wipe its data remotely.

Travelers should be on the lookout for scammers, and physically protecting your devices is important, too. ZDNet recommended both using a case and keeping devices in slash-resistant or locked bags to deter thieves.

Cult of Mac also offered traveling tips, like carrying a mobile backup battery to keep your phone running.

If you do break your iPhone or iPad during a foreign adventure, it’s easy to get it back in working order with iPhone repair and iPad repair from iResQ.

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