Tragic stories of broken iPhones

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As the number of iOS users since Apple first launched the iPhone has reached the hundreds of millions, the tales of tragedy are nearly endless, and, with the number of iPhone repairs we’ve done at iResQ, we’ve seen just about the full range of problems. Nonetheless, we still can enjoy a good broken iPhone story, and a recent post on Apartment Therapy rounded up some entertaining reader accounts.

One commenter lamented using the kitchen timer on her first iPhone to make toffee – only to get butter and sugar stuck under the screen. Another detailed the improbable occurrence of dropping the iPhone in the crack of an elevator door and listening to it tumble down each subsequent floor. Many stories were more straightforward.

“Tight jeans. Back pocket. Toilet. Whoops,” one person wrote. Another anecdote ended with an iPhone sliding out of the owner’s lap and straight into their full cup of coffee.

These occurrences are not rare, either. A recent study by protection plan company SquareTrade found that 30 percent of iPhone users had damaged their device in the previous 12 months, with dropping it from their hand or into a liquid being the most common causes.

Fortunately, with iPhone repair from iResQ, it’s easy to get a broken iPhone back running and make that freak accident seem like nothing more than a funny story.

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