Torture test reveals that iPad Air is fragile

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Many new iPad Air owners will be treating their devices with extra care. However, for the more careless of us who own one of these tablets, the device's nature could spell trouble. A RatedRR torture test of the iPad Air reveled that the device did not hold up when dropped in sand, on concrete and in water, resulting in a cracked iPad screen each time, GigaOM reported.

The testers at RatedRR performed a number of tests, such as dropping the Air on a pile of dirt, on a slab of concrete and in a bucket of water. When dropped on the sand from a height of five feet, the screen instantly shattered into many pieces.

To make matters worse, when the device was dropped on its side on concrete, the screen glass buckled, creating a ripple near where it landed. The test continued when the devices was dropped in water and then shot at with an AirSoft gun, with cringe-worthy results.

If that wasn't bad enough, reports have surfaced in Australia of a new iPad bursting into flames, causing an evacuation of a mobile phone store, the Daily Mail reported.

The flames first appeared near the charging port where the iPad Air was stationed within the door, quickly erupting into a blaze. Firefighters were called to the scene as the blaze continued before it was finally put out. No one was injured during the incident.

According to the visual evidence, the iPad became extremely hot. An Apple representative picked up the remnants of the device so the company can perform an investigation as to why the device burst into flames.

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