Top ways to use your iPhone better – Part 2

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In part one, we took a look at a few ways that jailbreaking your iPhone can improve the way you use it, but there are many other steps you can take that don't necessarily involve dealing with the risks associated with jailbreaking.

Selecting a case tailor-fit to your personality
Many people use a case to keep their iPhones better protected. Now, there are many cases on the market that do far more than just provide a bit of extra cushion for a fall. CNET's James Martin recently provided an overview of some of the strangest and wildest iPhone cases that can add functionality and a bit of extra flair to your device.

Martin explained that while there are apps for just about everything these days, that shouldn't discount the tactile changes that you can make to your iPhone.

“Enter the iPhone case, a place for many of the tools, attachments, and customizations that won't just fit into the phone,” Martin wrote. “These cases take utility to the next level, making the phone functional – or just more fashionable – in a whole new way. Some of them are for self-defense, some are for drinking. Some are for watching movies, and some are just, well, you'll see…”

The iPhone cases that Martin shared included:

  • Opena – an iPhone case merged with a bottle opener
  • iKnucks – a case that turns your iPhone into a self-defense system that mirrors brass knuckles
  • Game Boy iPhone case – a classic choice for anyone reminiscing about the early days of gaming
  • iFoolish Magic Drawing Case – an old-school drawing board similar to an Etch-a-sketch
  • Mace Case – outfitted with pepper spray to defend yourself from attackers
  • Endliss Smartcase – has multi-colored LED lights to flash for different types of notifications
  • Timeless Styling's rainbow horse case – exactly what it sounds like, a sparkly, rainbow-colored case with a horse attached to it
  • Yellow Jacket iPhone case – protects your iPhone and you with a built-in stun gun
  • Pocket Projector – implements a 15-lumen LED projector into the case so that you project videos onto the wall
  • Orbit Pro case – has a built-in lens to enhance your iPhone photography

Ubergizmo's Tyler Lee also recently shared his pick for the most novel iPhone case: the Pistol iPhone case from DealExtreme, which docks your device to where the barrel of a pistol should be, attaching a convenient handle.

While these cases can pump up your style and protect your iPhone – and in some cases, even protect you – cases are not an ultimate solution for preventing damage. If you damage your iPhone, turn to iResQ's iPhone repair services to get your device back to top working order in no time.

Stay tuned for the final part of our series.

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