Top ways to use your iPhone better – Part 1

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The iPhone is a sophisticated device, capable of improving the way we perform many tasks and live life. However, there are a number of steps you can take to better use these devices, from jailbreaking to outfitting your iPhone with a case and utilizing specialized apps and accessories for specific uses.

If you're one of those people who has come to rely on your iPhone, note that you are not alone: new data from Experian indicated that iPhone owners spend 55 percent more time on their phone than Android device owners.

“In addition to spending more time on their iPhone, Apple device owners also use their smartphone in very different ways from Android owners,” AppleInsider stated. “For example, Android users are more likely to spend their time making phone calls, while iPhones lead in texting, email, taking pictures and social networking.”

This extra iPhone usage can accumulate to some serious time, so why not take a few steps to make sure you are getting the most from your iPhone?

Why jailbreak your iPhone?
In a recent Business Insider article, contributor Kyle Russell noted that even though the iPhone is “considered by many to be the closest thing to the 'perfect' phone,” the device's software is aging, leading many to jailbreak their devices so that they can customize the software and install apps that Apple would not normally allow. He explained that jailbreaking is not particularly hard to do, and the alternative app store Cydia can be used to get many neat features. Russell outlined the top ways that jailbreaking your iPhone can make life better, which included:

  1. Using gestures to unlock your phone rather than double-clicking the home button
  2. Selecting an alternative browser to Safari such as Chrome
  3. Quickly accessing settings like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  4. Turning the device into a hotspot without paying extra money
  5. Setting widgets to your home screen
  6. Installing iSwipe to use a better keyboard
  7. Adapting your lock screen to display useful information such as the weather or stock ticker notifications
  8. Easily managing files and transfers to and from PCs
  9. Eliminating the Newsstand app that many iPhone owners see as an eyesore

Jailbreaking your iPhone is a personal decision that comes down to your mobile needs and preferences. While there are many advantages to jailbreaking, it does come with risks as it can introduce new problems and it voids your iPhone's warranty. However, owners of jailbroken phones can turn to a third party repair provider like iResQ – our iPhone repair services can fix any problems in no time.

Stay tuned for part 2 of our series, coming soon.

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