Top ways to break your MacBook

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Most people know that some easy ways to break a MacBook include chucking it across the room or dropping it in a lake, but there are far more creative ways to damage your favorite device. An article from CNET outlined some of the more unusual ways to break a MacBook.

“In many respects, a laptop is an accident waiting to happen,” CNET’s Brooke Crothers wrote. “Often there is no more than a thin piece of plastic between the user and disaster.”

Sometimes the things done on a computer are enough to send the user into a fit of frustration. The source indicated that striking a MacBook with a fist in a fit of rage can be enough to jostle the logic board and cause the computer to stop working. Some people have also reported the device being broken while on an airplane, when the person in front of them decides to suddenly move the seat back.

While water damage is certainly a common occurrence, many might not be aware of the other liquids that are continually damaging devices. Today, it is particularly popular to head off to Starbucks with your laptop to get some work done, and coffee spills take the No. 1 spot on the list of common accidents, according to CNET.

No matter how creative you get when it comes to breaking your laptop, iResQ’s MacBook repair services can fix things up in no time.

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