Top tips for getting the most from your iPad and iPad mini devices

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Tablets continue to become increasingly popular, but there are a number of things that even some of the most savvy iPad and iPad mini users might not know about their favorite devices. In a recent article for The Full Signal, contributor Marin Perez shared a handful of basic and advanced tips to help people get the most of their iPad mini tablets, including instructions on how to take a screen shot, lock orientation, find content, manage notifications, set up a passcode and much more.

Perez explained that knowing how to take a screen shot can be useful to anyone. On the iPad mini, simply press and hold the power button and home button together. This will save a screen shot to the device's camera gallery.

Locking orientation on iPad mini devices is a good thing to know how to do, as many users can become frustrated as the orientation flips around at unwanted times. To lock it, tap the home button twice. This will bring up the app screen at the bottom of the screen, and you should swipe all the way to the left-most screen to find the landscape lock button on the left corner. A simple tap and orientation will be locked, and the same button can be tapped to unlock it.

Maintaining the iPad and iPad mini
While these Apple devices are particularly sophisticated, they do require a bit of maintenance to keep them in top working order. One great way to maintain tablets is to buy a protective case, because no matter how safe you are, these gadgets are designed in a way that makes a broken screen possible from a single, short-distance drop.

While there are many cases out there to choose from, one recently reviewed by Business Insider's Megan Willett stands out for its unique targeted use. The case is called the Chef Sleeve, and it was developed as a way to keep iPads and iPhones protected and clean while being used in the kitchen. Since these smart devices are capable of doing nearly anything these days, more people are using them in the kitchen to access recipes, how-to guides and videos.

“But convenience comes at a price,” Willett wrote. “Liquids or powders could always spill onto your device and be transferred from your fingers while you're cooking. The water-resistant Chef Sleeve protects your electronics in the kitchen.”

Willett detailed that the Chef Sleeve can can be reused and resealed, but it is also disposable, coming in packs of 25. Particularly notable about this product is the fact that the sleeves are designed to be eco-friendly and made of recyclable material.

While it is good to take steps to help keep your device in top condition, remember to consult iResQ's iPad repair services should an accident occur.

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