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The Apple iPad is an impressive gadget, capable of accomplishing a wide variety of tasks for seemingly endless purposes. The incredible popularity of the iPad can be in part attributed to the device's widespread functionality, but there are a handful of lesser known features that could open up many new applications for these gadgets. In a recent Business Insider article, contributor Dylan Love outlined numerous things that most people don't realize they can do with their iPad.

“The iPad is a more capable device than a lot of people may realize,” Love wrote. “Despite iOS being a scaled-down operating system, there are loads of features buried inside of it, and it's robust enough to run some powerful apps on top of it.”

Love explained that the open-ended nature of many apps allow people to come up with their own creative ways to make use of the devices as well. The lesser-known functionalities of the iPad include:

  1. Access and activate your home computer from any location
  2. Remotely control media on computers or other compatible devices
  3. Enhance privacy by enabling private browsing
  4. Program special gestures to switch back and forth between apps, access the home screen without pressing the home button and reveal the multitasking bar
  5. Watch iPad video content on larger screens
  6. Input periods in text messages by double-tapping the spacebar
  7. Split the keyboard in half and access invisible keys

More amazingly helpful qualities of the iPad
All the lesser-known iPad capabilities listed by Business Insider are excellent to note and use, but the list barely covers all the new functionality that is added regularly with the development of applications. For example, in a recent Mashable article, contributor Matt Petronzio reviewed a new mobile app from tech startup lettrs, which allows users to convert mobile voice, data and pictures into both digital and paper post letters. The company has thus far only released an app for the iPhone, but Android and iPad versions of the app are currently in development. The goal of the app is to improve meaningful communications by enabling users to create, modify and deliver a letter using the cloud or lettrs' physical postal operations located in Connecticut.

“Technology is what we make of it, and no app has yet been designed to dust off the previous – though timeless – aspirations of letter writing,” lettrs founder Drew Bartkiewicz told Mashable. “I hope people will choose to take time to create a 'lettr' when more purposeful words are desired, but with the efficiencies of mobile and social firmly intact.”

As the uses for the iPad continue to proliferate, the opportunities to break or damage the device increase. To keep this versatile gadget in top working order, turn to iResQ's iPad repair services in the aftermath of a calamity.

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