Top reasons iPads are good for business

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Apple’s iPads are not only popular choices for average consumers, but the devices are increasingly being adopted by schools, hospitals and a variety of businesses. In a recent article, PC Magazine analyst Samara Lynn explained that while there are challenges that still exist when integrating iPads with corporate computing systems, these are outweighed by the many benefits.

Lynn noted that iPads allow workers to easily connect to company email and simply manage a Windows network. In addition, iPads are usable on a variety of virtual private networks and support Remote Desktop Protocol, enabling employees to access a Windows desktop from anywhere. By utilizing easy-to-use applications, individuals can access all types of Microsoft documents and edit them via iPad devices.

Another benefit Lynn articulated is the ability to engage in video conferencing from anywhere. The iPad is built with a camera and video conferencing capabilities, making the device an attractive option for business professionals who need to stay connected while on the go. It is also popular for business users looking to take notes during business meetings, contributing to efficiency.

In a recent article for MacWorld, contributor Joel Mathis predicted that the iPad mini could be the next big business tool of 2013. He noted the experience of Cameron Yull, founder of AdGent Digital, as an example of the device’s value to daily business operations.

“Convenience was one reason: The iPad mini has all the capabilities of its bigger predecessor, including wireless AirPlay mirroring that allows him to project the tablet’s screen onto a nearby TV,” Mathis wrote. “But salesmanship was a factor, too: There’s nothing like arriving at a meeting, seemingly empty-handed, only to pull the latest and greatest Apple technology from a jacket pocket.”

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