Top 4 most ridiculous ways to end up with a shattered iPhone

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Every now and then, you may end up with a shattered iPhone through good ol' fashioned clumsiness. After all, which one of us hasn't been guilty of accidentally dropping our phone while answering a text message or plopping our device in a pool or lake? But, every now and then we hear tales that seem to defy logic. Here are four of some of the most ridiculous ways in which people have broken their iPhones:

1) In a game of golf
We here at iResQ are big fans of the noble game of golf, but never have we considered substituting the golf ball for an iPhone. According to ZDNet contributor Charlie Osborne, however, it turns out that someone did just that. We can't say exactly why someone would be compelled to do this, but odds are this guy did not hit a hole in one.

2) Thinking iOS7 made the phone waterproof
It turns out that despite the obvious ridiculousness of this claim, many people were duped into thinking that upgrading to iOS7 would make their phones waterproof. According to BuzzFeed, this rumor got started by some merry pranksters on 4chan, although somehow I think those who purposefully dunked their phones in the bath failed to see the humor in the situation.

3) Drilled to bits
Weekends are the perfect time to break out the power tools and get started on lots of DIY projects. While an iPhone can help out around the home by serving as everything from a level to a flashlight, we never recommend replacing a wood screw with an iPhone. Nevertheless, that didn't stop one YouTube user from taking a power drill to a cell phone screen. Granted, it's a Samsung device and thus better suited for iResQ's Samsung cell phone repair services than our iPhone repair offerings, although I'm sure plenty of Apple users have had the same idea.

4) Nip slip
Yes, as it turns out nipple slips are about more than Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl. The Daily Mail reported that some iPhone users have used their nipples instead of a fingerprint to unlock their 5s. While we could find no reports of this leading to a cracked iPhone, we can only imagine what the aftermath of such an incident would look like.

No matter what causes you to have a shattered iPhone, know that iResQ is there for you. Our iPhone repair services can get your beloved mobile device back in tip-top shape, no matter what kind of damage it has sustained.

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