Top 3 ways to be green with your iPhone

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Although Apple's iPhone provides so much advanced functionality that the smartphone has essentially become a necessary part of our daily lives, some of us want to get even more out of the device. In particular, the environmentally friendly folks among us will want their iPhones to be powerful and have a lower carbon footprint. Luckily, there are some great ways that you can ensure that your favorite mobile device is eco-friendly.

1) Consider alternative energy sources for charging
At some point, all iPhone owners will have to plug their devices into the wall to recharge. For people who are actively worried about the environment, this can be problematic since this electricity can come from a non-sustainable source. Fortunately, there are ways to circumvent this issue.

In many areas, utility companies offer their customers energy exclusively from sustainable sources. Another option would be to purchase a solar-powered phone charger to keep your iPhone going without having to pay for any electricity.

2) Benefits of green iPhone covers
For clumsy iPhone owners, a solid case is indispensable as it protects the device from breaking and can also help keep it clean. Plus, many options on the market are stylish and add great bonus functionality to the already supremely versatile iPhone. The only problem is that many covers are not very eco-friendly.

To address this dilemma, many manufacturers have created cases with a low carbon footprint. Some notable examples include coverings made from recycled rice byproduct, old bike inner tubes, sustainably harvested bamboo and biodegradable aluminum.

3) Utilize iPhone repair services
Making and distributing iPhones is no easy feat. When you consider what it takes to produce and ship iPhones, a lot of raw materials and energy need to be used in the process. As a result, buying a new mobile device is not always the greenest decision you can make.

Granted, Apple has long been committed to sustainability. The company's website has a separate section just for highlighting their environmental initiatives. There, you can read about how Apple uses renewable energy sources and what the environmental impact is of its top devices. Nevertheless, while an iPhone is far greener than other smartphones on the market, buying new is almost always less environmentally friendly than reusing and getting the most out of the device you already own.

Instead of going out and buying a new iPhone the first time you crack your device's screen or notice another problem, utilize a certified iPhone repair service like iResQ. That way, you can still enjoy all the functionality of your Apple products without having to worry too much about its carbon footprint.

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