Top 3 Repair Services for iPhones

iPhone / iPhone

The iPhone is the most popular mobile device. The bulk of the orders we receive are for iPhone repairs. As we repair these iPhones within 24 hours, we often find ourselves performing the same types of repairs. We thought this information would be helpful to some of you who may experiencing the same problems with your iPhone.

iPhone Screen Replacement

This is the #1 requested iPhone repair service. This makes sense since people are often holding their phone while doing other things, and that makes them drop it.

Luckily, our team of professional iPhone repair technicians is able to easily take off the existing screen to install a brand new one. And as always, we only use high quality products.

iPhone Camera Replacement

In a world of selfie obsession, it’s no wonder that the front or rear camera is the second most popular repair. Usually, a broken camera is a result of someone either dropping the phone or having something drop on it. There’s also the slight chance that something internal may happen to the camera causing it to malfunction.

Our certified technicians remove the camera inside of the iPhone. They replace it with either a rear or front facing camera depending on the one they are fixing. After installing the new, high quality iPhone camera, they test it out before securely packaging it to return back to the customer.

iphone 6 speakerphone replacementiPhone Speaker Replacement

Many people find that when they try to turn on their speakerphone, it won’t turn on. There could be one of two issues occurring: the speaker may be blown or there is an internal problem with it. Our certified technicians know how to diagnose the problem to come to a solution. Once the problem is identified, they call the customer to let him know what the solution is and to confirm if he should proceed with the repair.

If you are experiencing any of these iPhone problems, contact us or order the repair service on our site. We will be more than happy to make your iPhone look and function as good as new.

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