Top 2 Myths about iPhone, Samsung, and Cell Phone Repairs

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cell phone repairsThere’s nothing worse than dropping our beloved iPhone or Samsung into water or breaking the screen into a million pieces. The heart sinking feeling of lost contacts, pictures gone forever, apps no longer accessible, and data no longer retrievable is something we’ve all experienced. However, too many people believe the myths about cell phone repairs that end up costing them hundreds of extra dollars to replace their Samsung, iPhone, iPad, iPod, tablet, Android or other mobile device. The majority of cell phone repair shops abide by high industry standards.

As with any other business you are considering, check out online reviews and the Better Business Bureau for an accurate outlook of how the cellular repair store you are considering operates, treats their customers, and settles disagreements. If they provide poor quality service to their customers, you can be sure to find out on the Internet.

Myth #1 – Third party cell repair shops will void my warranty if they repair my phone or device.

This is an inaccurate statement. Samsung, Apple, and other major smartphones with broken screens, water damage, or other accidental brakes have already voided the limited warranty of 1 year. Getting your phone fixed at a third party retailer well not affect that any further. While service cell phone providers try to sway customers that have fallen victim to bad circumstances to purchase a new device, they can spend a fraction of the cost to get it repaired like new.

Myth #2 – Once a phone breaks, it will never be the same.

There are many people who believe if a screen is cracked or the volume keys stops working on their device, they will never get their phone back to 100% again. Professional cellular phone repairs will have your phone back to normal in no time at all and you never have to worry about losing your data, contacts, or apps. The cost to fix a broken screen can be hundreds less than the cost of a new iPhone, Samsung, or other device. Don’t fall for this myth designed to get you to spend money on a new phone and many times, another contract.

The cellular repair industry proves every day with high quality and reputable services that broken devices don’t belong tucked away in a drawer or thrown in the garbage. Let our expert mobile device repair technicians get your iPad, iPhone, Samsung, or other mobile device back in your hands with high-quality, professional repair services that are affordable!

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