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Does it ever feel like your iPhone is not charging properly or at all? Sometimes it seems like it takes forever to get devices back to a full charge. Looking for a way to make it charge faster? Mashable's Amy-Mae Elliot recently offered up some quick fixes to make an iPhone charge up quickly.

Elliot listed five ways that iPhone users can reduce charge time:

  • Turn off the iPhone instead of keeping it running. This way, the phone won't eat up charge if it is being used for something while charging.
  • Use a wall charger. Apple officially says that plugging a phone into a wall is quicker than using a USB port.
  • Keep it out of the heat. Charging in the sun or a case that holds in heat will not only cause the phone to charge slower, it will also degrade the battery.
  • When using a USB cord, don't sync the iPhone and don't let the computer go into sleep mode. Computers may stop charging the phone if they go into standby.
  • Perform battery maintenance every once in a while. Apple suggests charging the battery to 100 percent and running it all the way down once a month.

Although there is no magical solution to make an iPhone charge faster, these tips should help make the process go a little bit faster than normal.

Apple re-releases sync/charge dock for iPhone 5
One accessory that went away when the iPhone 5 came out was the charging and syncing dock. Now, Apple has brought it back, rolling it out virtually unannounced on the same day that the 5S and 5C came out, reported The Register's Rik Myslewski.

“When Apple switched from the original 30-pin charge 'n' sync connector to its current Lightning connector with the iPhone 5, the dock was retired – although third-party versions were available from Belkin and others,” wrote Myslewski.

But Apple has reintroduced it, offering two docks, one for the 5S​, on which the iPhone 5 can be charged, and another for the 5C. The docks offer an audio port to connect to speakers, and the starting price is $30.

Unfortunately, Myslewski pointed out that the docks will only be coming out in white, leaving those with the colored 5C “to endure a bit of chromatic dissonance.”

If users still aren't happy with their battery power using these charging methods and tips, they should send it into iResQ, where their experts can take care of replacing an iPhone battery.

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