Tips to keep your iPod alive as long as possible

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You unwrap your new iPod from its case, and immediately imagine a world of possibilities. The device will accompany you everywhere. It'll be the soundtrack to your morning commute, the motivator that keeps you on the treadmill, and the lullaby that sends you to sleep at night. For many people out there, an iPod is a staple of daily life. In fact, there are many people – several of whom are our customers – who find life without an iPod intolerable. For this reason, it's important to find ways to prolong the life of your little music box. After all, if your iPod times out well before its time, what will you be left with? If you're anything like us, an absence of music is something that can't be abided for long. Therefore, we've put together a list of good practices to ensure your device lives a long time, and that you won't be in the market for an iPod repair anytime soon:

  1. Use the device a lot. This may seem like counterintuitive advice. After all, wouldn't your iPod last the longest if you kept it stowed away like some museum piece? Nope! Like all Apple products, the iPod is made to be in constant use, and its battery benefits from the frequent charge cycles that result from habitual playtime, according to Apple. Basically, the iPod battery is comprised of lithium, and lithium has electrons in it that need to be kept active in order to perform optimally. Alright, enough science. Moving on.
  2. Store it at the proper temperature. Lucky for you, this isn't hard to do, since Apple created the iPod to survive in a pretty vast spectrum of temperatures. Just remember the following numbers, in Fahrenheit: 32 and 95. If it's below the former, then your device is too cold. If it's above the latter, too hot. So for those stifling summer days, make sure your iPod gets a spot in the shade.
  3. Keep it out of cars. It's so easy to forget an iPod in a hot car, and the consequences can be steep. As Apple points out, a car parked out in the sun can quickly become a veritable oven cooking at 150 degrees, which falls well beyond the tolerable storage temperature for an iPod. Be attentive and always make sure you have your iPod on you before getting out of a car.
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