Tips to improve battery life with iOS 7

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IPhones tend to use up a lot of battery life, and that is increasingly becoming the case with the iOS 7 update. People may be looking to get their battery replaced or one with more life. However, there are plenty of tricks that users should do to extend their charge before resorting to something more drastic.

ZDNet and International Business Times provided a boatload of ways that users can improve battery life on their iPhones:

  • Turn off AirDrop: This allows you to share photos with friends who are close by, but having it on when not in use can significantly drain the battery
  • Limit apps that remain in background from getting data: Some apps constantly refresh their data on a regular basis even if they aren't in use, eating up a charge. Turning the ability for those apps to grab that data prevents them from reducing battery life
  • Do not use frequent location setting: This gives the iPhone the ability to learn information about places users visit regularly. While not a terrible idea, it's not absolutely essential
  • Get rid of the 'Parallax' function: Already named one of the more annoying features of the iOS 7 update, it also eats up tons of battery life by using hardware to create the movement.
  • Let go of notifications: Although not directly a source of power loss, when notifications come up, the screen turns on, which eats up power. Limit notifications to just a few essential ones
  • Dim screen brightness: Backgrounds that are lit up too brightly eat up the majority of iPhone battery. Simply reducing the brightness level can improve battery life
  • Never use dynamic wallpaper: These wallpapers move around based on hand movements, wasting power in the process.
  • Disable services that use location: Some applications use these services to show different ads or results. While using these apps, the iPhone is sending out a signal to make sure the user is in the same place, eating up precious battery
  • Turn off Wi-Fi searching: Unless a user is in a Wi-Fi hotspot that he or she intends to use, turn off the searching function. Otherwise it will stay searching for networks when it doesn't need to.
  • Take personal care of the battery: Users tend to overcharge or charge phones when they still have a lot of battery left. Stopping these practices will improve battery life.

If you are still having trouble with your battery life after all of these tips and tricks, send your phone into iResQ. They provide top-of-the-line iPhone repair and will replace your battery with a new one.

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