Tips to extend battery life

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The battery of a device can be affected as the life of our technology continues. While a new phone or tablet may have no problem powering through an entire day and night, older devices can struggle to hold a charge. However, taking certain steps with your device can extend the life of your battery – and if all else fails, battery replacement is still a viable option to make sure your phone or tablet works when you need it.

Keep it cool
Bloomberg Businessweek stated keeping the temperature down can improve a battery's functionality and suggested keeping devices away from your body. Keeping a phone in a bag or clipped to your belt instead of in your pocket is a small change that can improve battery life. Additionally, users should try not to leave devices in warm places, especially in a car, where it can be exposed to the sun. Extremely hot conditions can essentially fry a battery, greatly affecting how long it holds a charge.

Turn it off
This may seem to be an obvious one. However, many users don't turn their phone off as often as they should . According to Digital Trends, users should simply power down their devices when in a dead zone, as many features and applications will not work without WiFi or cell service anyway.

Furthermore, if a device is about to die or will be unavailable for an extended period of time, turning it off and only powering it on when necessary will ensure a user can communicate or use an application when they need it.

Kill applications
Devices may be doing much more than a user may realize, Bloomberg Businessweek stated. When not in use, applications should not be left running as this can drain a machine's battery. Many users are shocked by the short life of their batteries, but when 15 applications are left on simultaneously, it is not surprising when a battery can't keep up. Digital Trend also suggested turning off features such as WiFi, GPS and Bluetooth, as these can also affect battery life.

Extras and Replacement
If still disappointed by a device's battery life, users may need to carry a charger or extra battery, according to Digital Trend. Nowadays, device cases with spare batteries are available for nearly every smartphone on the market. However, older devices may simply need a replacement battery altogether. For example, services like iResQ can provide users with iPod Touch battery replacement or replacements for other Apple products. 

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