Tips for managing your Apple account

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Whether you are new to the Apple consumer family, recently upgraded to a new device or simply want to make a few administrative changes, there is a bit of Apple ID and account know-how that could come in handy. While not everyone necessarily needs to get an Apple ID, those who wish to upload or manage podcasts and to make on-the-go purchases for iPod Touch or iPhone devices will require an Apple ID to do so.

“An Apple ID is your user name for everything you do with Apple: Shop the iTunes Store, enable iCloud on all your devices, buy from the Apple Online Store, make a reservation at an Apple Retail Store, access the Apple Support website and more,” Apple's website explains.

You will only need to create one Apple ID for anything you wish to do with Apple, and they are simple to create. The first step is to go to the Apple website and head to the “My Apple ID” page. This user-friendly page offers two options: “Manage your Apple ID” and “Create an Apple ID.”

New users
Those new to the Apple family should click on “Create an Apple ID.” You will be asked to select an Apple ID and password, using your primary email address as your ID. You will then be prompted to fill out some personal information about yourself such as date of birth, name and address, to set security controls and to select contact preferences. After checking the box at the bottom of the page indicating that you have read and agree to the Apple Terms of Service and Apple Customer Privacy Policy, you can click on the “Create Apple ID” button.

At this point, you will want to go into your primary email account to check for a verification email that Apple sent. Click on the appropriate link in the email to verify the account, and you are good to go.

Managing an existing account
For those with an existing account, click on the “Manage your Apple ID” button while on the “My Apple ID” page. You will then be prompted to enter your Apple ID and password to sign into your account so that various changes can be made. However, on the initial screen asking for your sign in information, you will see smaller links below the text boxes that read “Forgot your Apple ID?” and “Forgot your password?” If you have forgotten or lost your original sign in data, you can follow these links to recovery your info and gain access to account management options.

If you run into problems with managing your Apple account, try to resist the urge to throw your device across the room. However, if anger should prevail and your device should have a run-in with the closest wall, iResQ's iPhone and iPod repair services can get things fixed up in no time.

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