Tips for keeping your MacBook safe

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Macbook repair services can help you with most hardware issues, whether it's a dented case, a damaged screen or a malfunctioning headphone jack. However, some problems can only be avoided by practicing safe online habits and keeping an eye on your laptop.

It's been a long-running theme in the tech world: If you want to stay virus-free, buy a Mac. However, according to USA Today, more cybercriminals are looking to attack the Mac OS X platform, creating more risk for Mac users. One way to help keep your MacBook safe is to run updates as often as possible.

“Apple takes pride in updating its operating system regularly, as well as other third-party software, so it's a good idea to run Software Update regularly,” the news source said. “Once a week is a good rule of thumb. Make sure you install all of the available patches and updates rather than just downloading them, since they won't do any good just sitting on the desktop!

Other ways to protect your laptop include: use strong passwords; turn off automatic logins to help ensure that only the users that own the account can log-in; use a password manager to help keep track of the passwords; and download files only from trusted sources.

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