Three Options When Fixing Your iPhone

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No one wants their iPhone to break, but it happens. It happens way too much actually. There aren’t any statistics, but we’re sure it’s thousands of people a day around the world. With that being said, many people wonder what to do when their iPhone breaks. The following are your three options.

Fixing Your iPhone

#1: Contact Apple Support

If your iPhone has a warranty, you should probably contact Apple. They will want you to either go to a local store or send it in. They will then be able to repair it or send you a new one. This may be free, or you may need to pay some money. It all depends on what’s wrong with your phone, and what type of warranty you have for it.

For some people, paying Apple to fix their phone can be just as much as purchasing a new phone. It does get pricey if there’s an internal problem that requires new parts that aren’t covered by warranty. If this the case, after you check with them, you may want to consider option #2.

#2: Contact iResQ

You knew it was coming, but we have to tell you that we have the lowest prices around for the quality of our work and parts. Our certified technicians are trained and have experience working on all models of iPhones. They know what they are doing, and the cost to you will probably be much less than what others will charge you.

Beware – before you tell us you’ve found iPhone repair places that charge less, keep in mind that they may be using very low quality parts. When they do that, the chance of those parts failing you in the near future is high. The other risk is that the technicians working on your phone may be inexperienced, and that could lead to further damage.

This leads us to the final, not so good option…

#3: Do It Yourself

Please don’t. We receive mobile devices all of the time in pieces because our customers tried to repair a cracked iPhone screen or replace the headphone jack. It may look easy and quick on the sites that show you how to do it, but it’s really not. The tiny screws and the vulnerability of the other parts in the iPhone could lead you to having either a mess of iPhone parts or a brick if you manage to get it back together.

As you can see, there’s only really one option for your iPhone breaks – contact iResQ (unless you have the warranty and Apple will fix or replace your phone for free). Call or email us today with any questions you may have, or browse our site to find the repair you need with a low price you can afford.

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