This Just in… 16Gb iPhone and 32Gb iPod Touch

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Well great… just when you think you have the best and the baddest out there, something has to come out and top that. I have had my 8gb iPhone for a while now, and I love it, but as of today Apple is selling 16gb iPhones. According to Apple’s press release today, some users say “there’s never enough memory.” I tend to agree with the lack of memory. As of right now I have to really limit myself to what music goes on my iPhone. I like to always have a movie on there as well, so that limits my space too.

Those of you with an iPod Touch can now enjoy more space than those who had the first generation video. With 32gb of space you can fit 7,000 songs and half that for the 16gb iPhone. This is a pretty nice deal, however I am a little surprised that Apple didn’t make more of a big deal about it. They just did a press release and updated their store, but didn’t change the front page of, instead they kept the MacBook Air up.

Even though I want to get a new 16gb iPhone, I am going to have to hold off, but for those of you getting new iPhones and iPod Touch’s, you better believe we will be fixing them.


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