Things you don’t need when you have an iPhone or an iPad

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Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices have changed the world we live in. In a recent article, PCPro’s Barry Collins noted that a new survey found the average person checks his or her smartphone 150 times per day, and he listed seven devices that his iPad and iPhone have made redundant.

GPS, car stereos and MP3 players
Dedicated satellite navigation] devices like those made by TomTom topped Collins’ list. Due to TomTom’s app, the company’s device is about as good as a paperweight. Collins also noted that whenever he is driving now, he uses his iPhone via an audio lead to play music through car speakers, making the car stereo seem outdated as well.

An entire CD collection can be stored on his iPhone, eliminating the need to fumble with discs on the road, Collins noted. In addition, if a user should find himself or herself wanting to change the music selection, he or she can navigate the device while keeping both hands on the wheel and both eyes on the road with the help of Siri. If the car stereo is redundant, having a dedicated MP3 player is as well. Collins noted that the iPod is one of the few dark areas on Apple’s quarterly financial statements, as the iPhone has drastically reduced the need for a separate device for MP3 files.

Portable game consoles, remote controls, Kindle devices and newspapers
With the App Store at a user’s fingertips, who needs a separate portable gaming console? Not only can iPhone and iPad users access thousands of games through the App Store, but the majority of these games cost less than $3 or are completely free.

Collins noted how remote control apps have eliminated any need for television remotes in different rooms of the home and observed that televisions can even be replaced by the many apps for television streaming. Electronic readers were promising gadgets when they were first released, but modern smartphone and tablet devices quickly outdated dedicated readers. Finally, while admitting these aren’t actual devices, Collins claimed that his iPad has made newspapers redundant with the temptation of digital editions.

Another clever take on the abilities of iPhones came from Technology reporter Claire Connelly, who outlined 13 things you didn’t know your iPhone could do. In addition to using the iPhone charger as a bottle opener, Connelly mentioned faster web browsing, text input features and vibrations and call settings.

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