Things to check with your iPod before taking it in

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So your iPod is displaying of weird symptoms, eh? Perhaps it's skipping songs without you pushing a button, or randomly powering off in the middle of music. Or maybe the battery is draining super fast. Whatever the case may be, countless seemingly anomalous situations like these crop up for iPod users across the country all the time. But everything has an explanation – as well as a solution. Lucky for you, that solution can often be carried out in your own home. So before running to get an iPod repair after the first appearance of something strange, consider taking these measures first:

  • Recharge the device. Believe it or not, sometimes an iPod just gets tired out, not unlike how you or me do after a long day's work. If some weird glitch crops up, the issue may actually just be tied to the need to charge the device. If that's the case, simply plug it in using your USB cable
  • Reset it. A device reset can make a world of difference, particularly when it comes to irritating little problems like skipping songs difficulty playing certain selections. By simply resetting the iPod, you can restore it to the functionality it had when you bought it. See how to perform a reset for an iPod nano here.  
  • Reinstall iTunes. Occasionally issues with your iPod are not indicative of a problem with the device itself, but instead with its content. Certain songs in your library, for instance, can be corrupted, and can therefore have a corrosive effect on the device. Performing a complete reinstallation of iTunes may seem awfully cumbersome, but in a situation where you suspect you may have corrupt files in your library, it's the best avenue you can take. Here's how to do it
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