Things not to do if your Apple device gets damaged

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So you've damaged your Apple product. Don't worry, it happens to the best of us. But we would caution you to be careful about how you proceed. You see, some of our customers don't make the greatest decisions when they've broken their device, and these blunders can lead to exacerbated problems – if not the creation of a new problem entirely. Thus, we've put together this list of what NOT to do when you've experienced a problem:

  • Attempt a complex repair. Unless you're a certified Apple repair person, leave the repairs – all of them – to experts like us here at iResQ. Sometimes customers will even open up the back of their device and attempt to replace the logic board, and we find that downright illogical. Trust us, an attempt by a non-expert to do an in-depth repair is almost guaranteed to go awry. Just the other day we got a note from a Chicago man telling us that he attempted an iPod repair and ruined the screen in the process. Not worth it.
  • Take the device to a dubious repair place. Putting your device in the wrong “repair” hands can sometimes be just as damaging as undertaking a massive repair yourself. Our records indicate that when customers have taken their broken devices to shady-sounding repair kiosks in the mall, the end result has often not been pretty.
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