Thieves stopped due to iPad ingenuity, GPS

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No-goodnicks thinking about snatching an iPad out of someone else's hands might want to reconsider: There could be an app on the device that thwarts your attempt and gets you in more trouble than it's worth to steal the device.

The Calgary Herald reported on a crime in which a woman had her iPad stolen and was able to find the criminals and retrieve her device with its GPS. Owners should take note of this, and also note that if a stolen iPad is worse for the wear after it is recovered, iPad repair is available to get it up and running again quickly.

The 30-year-old woman who had her iPad stole activated the GPS system in her device and it led to the exact suite in a building where the criminals were. Inside, the news source said, police found perhaps more than they bargained for.

“Officers arrested four people and obtained a search warrant,” the Herald said. “They found a cache of stolen goods inside, including cardboard boxes filled with credit cards, large plastic tubs of laptops, guitars and three litres of gamma-hydroxybutyric acid (GHB), commonly known as the date-rape drug.”

Of course this isn't the only time an iPad has ever been stolen. Local news source WSB said in Atlanta, one man had his device stolen by thieves after saying they would buy it from him on Craigslist. In that situation, the thieves were recorded by the device's camera, and the victim is hopeful that they will be recognized.

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