There are many ways to break an iPod. Here are a few

iPod / General Knowledge

The iPod is a device that many people cannot live – or at least can't live happily – without. As such, it's no wonder that we get a lot of broken devices shipped to us with customer notes asking for an iPod repair. While the ultimate repair requests are always the same – a new battery, an iPod screen repair, more comprehensive device work, etc. – the situations that got these iPods broken in the first place differ vastly. Here are a few of the more colorful ones:

  • A Texas man who works in a grease and oil-heavy environment found that some of the stuff found its way into his device.
  • A Santa Monica woman's iPod experienced liquid damage … from her own body. That's right – a sweat-fuelled workout proved just a little too much for the device to handle.
  • An Arkansas woman's daughter took her iPod out of its protective case. Bad move! In no time at all the device was on a crash course toward the concrete, and now it's with us for a repair.

The lesson here: There are an endless number of ways to break your iPod. Luckily, we're the ones you can count on to carry out a successful repair. 

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