The smartphone market share battle

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In the battle to win the title of “King of the Smartphones,” Apple, Google and Samsung go head to head in fierce competition. Reuters recently reported that market researcher Strategy Analytics expects Samsung to see 35 percent growth this year due to its extensive lineup of devices. Already beating out Apple for smartphone market share, this would lead Samsung to expand its lead on other top competitors.

A recent comScore report indicated that while Samsung is securely in the No. 1 position for popular phone companies, Apple has been gaining ground on its South Korean-based competitor. The latest statistics from comScore showed that Samsung's market share only grew by 1.2 percent in the three-month period ending in November over the three-month period preceding it. However, Apple's market share increased by 1.4 percent in the same period.

The comScore report also analyzed the market share of smartphone platforms, finding that Google's Android operating system is being used by 53.7 percent of the market. Apple is following with 35 percent of the market share. While Apple and Google both were found to increase market share, the other three operating systems making up the top five were found to lose market share.

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