The S5 looks to be a hit for Samsung

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When it comes to mobile offerings, there are no two companies more influential than Apple and Samsung. The two are direct competitors, and this fact means they're constantly looking to innovate their product lines in order to get a leg up on their industrial peer. Sometimes, this results in disputes, and the two companies are currently embroiled in a patent trial, according to The New York Times. While this kind of competition may be exhausting for the companies themselves, it is undeniably great for the customers, who get to benefit from a steady stream of new and constantly evolving hardware. For Samsung, that newest device is the Galaxy S5, a phone that is generally regarded as a leap forward despite a moderate potential for damage and a trip to a cell phone repair shop.

Long lines greet product debut
For Samsung executives, the debut of the S5 was a momentous occasion and needed to be celebrated as such. When it debuted in mid-April, lines formed around the world to greet its release, according to Business Insider. In particular, customers in France, India and Saudi Arabia really latched on to the new device and scooped it up in higher numbers. The reason for its popularity in Middle Eastern regions, the company said, is because the S5 is constructed to be resistant to sand. Of course, with summer rapidly approaching, this feature will also likely appeal to the many beach​-goers who will want to bring their smartphone along. With sand resistance, a day at the beach doesn't have to mean a possible Samsung repair.

Widely positive reviews will surely help boost sales
Critical reception to the smartphone's debut has been largely positive, with appraisals giving special attention to the device's 1080 HD, 5.1 inch screen.

“As always, Samsung knocks it out of the park in screen quality, delivering a display with sharp colors perfect for viewing videos and photographs,” The Los Angeles Times said in its review.

The Times review also pointed to certain features of the device that will increase its durability. In addition to the sand proofing, the S5 is equipped with waterproofing features that enable it to remain submerged in up to 3 feet of water for half an hour without requiring a Samsung repair. This news should be particularly welcome to people who live in rainy areas, who will no longer have to worry about a brief walk through a downpour destroying phone functionality.

“The GS5 is Samsung's best phone yet, and its simplicity will make the device attractive to more customers than its predecessor,” the Times reviewer enthused.

Still, device is not impervious to breakage
Reviewers tend to agree that the S5 has a measure of durability not seen in many prior devices. Even the folks at SquareTrade – a group that carries out “breakability” tests – seemed to concur, asserting that the product represents a “big leap forward” as far as durability goes. Still, it's their job to prove that every device risks getting broken, and the S5 is no exception. In its assessment of the device, SquareTrade gave it an overall breakability score of 6, representing a medium risk of damage. What were highlighted as vulnerable points of the device were its size, grip-ability and a slide test. However, the S5 passed the inevitable drop test, which should bode well for the multitude of clumsy-prone people who use smartphones.

As with all mobile technology, it's important to practice good care. Just because the S5's screen features an incredibly vivid display, for instance, doesn't mean it's worth looking at when you're crossing the street. 

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