The Right to Fix Devices Instead of Paying for a New One

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In a recent article, author Kendra Pierre-Louis talks about how many manufacturers in this day and age push consumers to purchase new mobile devices rather than just fix the ones they have. We couldn’t agree with this more.

With new models coming out almost every 6 months now, manufacturers are hoping that consumers will upgrade their devices every year. They only make money from purchases, so it makes sense. Repairs do bring in some money, but not enough for them to survive for long.

This is why Apple has limited warranties. It’s why they don’t perform repairs on all parts of their mobile devices. The example in the article is someone went to Apple asking about getting their headphone jack connector replaced, and they told him that he couldn’t get it replaced. They ended up recommending that he trade in his older iPhone and purchasing a new one for $275.

The problem is that he didn’t have to buy a new one. Actually, he was able to get a new headphone jack. Not exactly the way we recommend by purchasing a low quality part and then having someone inexperienced replace it, but nonetheless, he was able to get it done.

It’s a shame that some people are persuaded all of the time into buying a new device just because Apple tells them that they can’t get the one they now have repaired. It’s costing a lot of people a lot of money…and it’s not fair.

We wish people would consider using iResQ before trading in their phone. Our certified technicians are experienced and skilled at fixing just about anything that goes wrong with a mobile device or MacBook notebook. They can even upgrade some older models of devices to keep up with all of the new things you want to do with them.

It’s only when a unit is completely destroyed or there are too many parts that need to be replaced that it may be a better choice to buy a new device. What it comes down to is if the cost of the repair is less than the cost of a new device, you should always repair it.

Please let your friends know about iResQ. We would love for people to know all about our services, so they can save their iPhone, iPod, MacBook, iPad, smartphone, or tablet from an unnecessary trade-in.

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