The New iPad

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And that’s just it. The new iPad.  Nothing more, nothing less. iPad. I guess Apple is known for its minimalistic designs so who is to say that they can’t apply the same thing to their nomenclature? All of us were expecting either the iPad 3 or iPad HD, but Apple did it again and to the ire of all the pundits out there. Well that goes to show you, Apple does what it wants and you’ll probably hate it at first,but given the right amount of time you will grow to love it.

We all knew what the new iPad was going to be. It was going to have a Retina Display, better cameras, faster processer and more memory, but for the most part, it was going to look the same as the iPad 2.  Sure iPhoto was a pleasant surprise and the new advances in Garageband are great, but we all knew what was coming.  I don’t know about you, but these Apple press events are seeming to become a little underwhelming.  The last times I remember being super excited after one of them was when Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone and then the iPad later on. I guess nowadays it takes a little more than an update on an existing product to excite us. Here’s looking to you, Apple Television Set.

Tomorrow I will give you all a little more information on what we are going to offer as far as repairs on the new iPad.

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