The New iPad Review

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A day before Apple officially releases the new, third generation iPad we are already seeing reviews for the device.  The embargo on the product has been lifted and various tech companies that Apple gave the new iPads to have already reviewed and posted their opinions on the new iPad. Here is the MacWorld video review:

As you can glean from watching this video, the new iPad is an amazing device, but how much different is it than the iPad 2? Well, there are three major differences  between the two generations, all of which don’t necessarily provide that “killer app” to justify upgrading from an iPad 2 to a third generation iPad.  The three major differences are:

1.  Better Display

2. Better Camera on the back

3. LTE Network compatability

The most shocking thing for me is the fact that the reviewer mentioned that the new iPad didn’t really perform any faster than the iPad 2 when performing normal functions.  Does the A5 chip even make a big difference?  Also, the lack of Siri is another thing that was peculiarly left our of the new iPad.  I’d guess that they would add support for Siri in a major iOS Software update for the iPad (iOS 5.2) during the next Apple media event.  Aren’t we due for an iPod media event in the coming months?

Needless to say, if you already own an iPad 2, you might want to consider hanging onto it and holding off on buying a new iPad. If you have a first generation iPad or don’t own one at all, this is the perfect opportunity for you to purchase one.

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