The New iPad Repair Parts Are In

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We are officially ready to roll with repair services for the new iPad.  We have the necessary parts to begin full service repairs on the new iPad from day one of its release on Friday. Yes, this Friday.  Apple stores are reportedly opening the gates at 8AM on Friday morning to sell the new iPad to the masses that can’t wait a few hours later in the day to receive their iPad via FedEx.  You got to love an Apple enthusiast camping out for days in front of an Apple Store to get their hands on the latest device.  This actually conjures up memories of the man of the hour, our very own Nate Avenmarg who camped out all night in 2008 to get his hands on a brand new iPhone 3G.  Early adopters. Love ’em.

Nate, the man of the hour.

With the new iPad all over the news, it’s easy to forget that Apple does have other products that they are developing.  I have seen rumors of new 15″ MacBook Airs to come sometime in 2012.  To me, this seems like the first step in the dissolution of the traditional MacBook or MacBook Pro.  Eventually the MacBook Pro models may become MacBook Airs. Scary though, huh?  Solid state hard drives are not cheap, having an expensive 250GB SSD in your MacBook Air won’t hold your massive 100GB iTune’s library and your 300GB worth of movies, documents, and applications.  That’s what scares me. SSD drive prices are sure to drop in due time, I remember buying a 1gB thumb drive for $100 a while back, now the same thumb drives are promotional give-aways at trade shows.  I guess I’ll just hang in there.

I still have my trusty old MacBook that has yet to give up on me (knock on wood).  If I ever crack my MacBook screen, I know where to get it fixed.  We can fix any cracked or broken MacBook or MacBook Pro screen for that matter.


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