The new iPad Air and Mini: the specs

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Apple recently held its yearly iPad event earlier this week and the two biggest developments came in the form of the next generation iPad and iPad mini. Therefore, it is time for all of the tech people in the world to start breaking down the new advancements and features. Metro Weekly did a breakdown of the new iPad Air.

The biggest difference between the Air and older generations of the iPad is how significantly slimmer it is. The Air measures in at 7.5 millimeters in thickness and weighs just one pound. Older devices were 9.4 millimeters and 1.44 pounds, resulting in a fairly notable slimdown for the new technology.

Also included is the A7 processing chip, just like the iPhone 5S. According to Metro Weekly, the power the chip puts out is eight times faster than the original iPad and the graphics on the Air are 72 times faster. The camera also got a boost, giving Air users the ability to shoot in 1080p. The battery life is also not bad, as it is rated for 10 hours, which isn't significantly different then other iPad devices despite having a smaller battery size. Not included, however, was the fingerprint sensor seen on the 5S.

IPad mini set to compete with other tablets
The iPad mini got some much needed improvements to enter the tablet market against the competition. The Verge's Jacob Kastrenakes discussed some of the new features and how they stack up to other devices.

One major difference between the mini and other small tablets is display size – the mini has an 8-inch screen while the others all have 7-inch ones. The mini now offers a retina display like its bigger brother does and also moved up to the A7 processor, jumping up from the A5 in the older generation.

With new retina display, impressive applications and new processing power, the new iPad mini will be sold with a price tag of $399, while the older generation of the mini will drop in price to $299.

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