The new iPad: A good investment?

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Those with the iPad 2 or earlier models have a tough decision to make now that the new iPad is available: Do they stick with the old device or buy a new one? If the only reason for the upgrade is because the tablet has screen damage or a casing issue, then iPad repair may be the best, most affordable option. However, if owning the latest gadgetry is the primary motivation, then the new iPad's unique features may be the way to go.

The new iPad's revolutionary Retina display has been acclaimed by numerous industry analysts and tech gurus, many of whom have been wowed by the pristine picture quality on such a small and portable device.

“After one has used the new iPad, it seems almost criminal to move back to iPad 2,” Business Today said, somewhat overstating the issue, but meaning well. “The 2048×1536 pixel resolution screen is clearer than an HDTV and in itself a tremendous feat of engineering by Apple's display suppliers – Samsung and LG.”

The news source said if people have money or an extremely old iPad, they should look at the new model, but for iPad 2 owners, they may want to wait a bit and see what the 2013 model has to offer, especially with a two-year upgrade cycle probably already in place.

In the meantime, while iPad 2 owners await the next version of the slender tablet, they may want to make sure their current devices are working properly. The most credible and helpful iPad repair companies offer free diagnoses and quotes, which not only help people with a broken screen or dented case, but individuals who think they may have a hardware issue, but aren't able to pinpoint the problem.

So don't fumble around with your device, trying to open it up and tinker with it. Instead, get it checked out by a professional so you can get back to playing games and watching movies on the go.

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