The mysterious case of the disappearing Apple TV movie icon

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9To5Mac recently reported that several users have reported that the movies and TV shows icon in the Apple TV menu mysteriously disappeared on December 27.

“While the problem originally appeared to only affect users located in the U.K., more reports on Twitter, as highlighted in the selection of tweets below, from New York, France, Ireland and Australia further confirmed missing icons,” contributor Jon Veal wrote for 9To5Mac. “One user on Apple support forums claimed Apple informed him the icons would be restored soon and that the stores continue to work in the U.S. and Luxembourg.”

By perusing the Apple support forums, it became clear that numerous Apple TV users were advised by Apple Tech support to restore the Apple TV, and that most likely, the issue would fix itself. One support forum participant detailed that Apple Tech indicated to him that they were currently upgrading their systems and that the missing icons should resurface soon.

Additional reports were revealed on the MacRumors forums, which stated that the music icons were also missing from the menu screen for some users. If experiencing technical difficulties with your Apple TV menu, driving you to chuck your iPhone device being used as a remote against the wall, iResQ's iPhone glass repair services will tend to any broken or cracked screens.

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