The most expensive iPhones in the world

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If you thought your new iPhone was expensive, wait until you hear about these pricey gadgets. A recent article for Dopeclusive featured some of the world’s most expensive iPhones, which were created by some top luxury designers.

The iPhone 4G Diamond Edition comes from Stuart Hughes of Goldstriker International, and it looks pretty much exactly like you might imagine, given the name. Hughes adorned the metal band that surrounds the side of the device with 6.5 carats of sparkling diamonds, recreating the Apple logo on the back panel in platinum and diamonds. This extra shiny Apple device is valued at $19,460.

Another, even pricier phone that made Dopeclusive’s list is Peter Aloisson’s Kings Button iPhone, valued at a whopping $2.4 million. What makes this phone so much more expensive to tote is the use of a rare 6.6 carat white diamond as the home button. Not quite rich enough for your blood? Stuart Hughes’ iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition​, valued at $8 million, might be a better fit. This phone has 100 carats of brilliant diamonds wrapped around its rim anda rare 7.4-carat pink diamond as the home button.

While you may not have an iPhone adorned in diamonds and precious metals, these things aren’t exactly cheap, and iResQ’s iPhone repair services can fix up any damage that may occur to your device.

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