The most common places to accidentally demolish your iPhone

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If you thought that dropping your iPhone on the subway or down a sewer grate was among the top ways to break these devices, think again. A recent study by warranty provider Squaretrade found that 51 percent of all iPhone accidents occur at home.

According to the study, 21 percent of all iPhone accidents occur in the kitchen, 18 percent in the living room and 16 percent in the bathroom. Roughly 10 percent of people rough up their Apple device in the driveway, and 8 percent of people damaging the iPhone in the bedroom.

“Other findings from the survey include that water is overwhelmingly the most common when it comes to liquid damage at 43 percent, followed by soda at 19 percent and beer and coffee/tea, which both came in at 12 percent,” CNET contributor Josh Lowensohn wrote.

The survey also found that about 5 percent of iPhone owners have accidentally put their iPhone through the wash, and 6 percent of owners have left their device on top of their car before driving off and sending it flying. Nine percent of owners reported dropping an iPhone in the toilet.

Whether you drop your phone in the toilet yourself, boil it with the family-sized macaroni and cheese or your dog happens to get ahold of it, iResQ is here to help with our iPhone repair services.

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