The keys to optimal iPhone battery life

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Between uploading photos, watching YouTube and even making an old-fashioned phone call, it can be tough to extend your iPhone's battery life to last through an entire day. Battery drain can happen for many reasons, but most of the time, the chief culprits are your phone's screen, the usage of different networking services and the notification system – especially for email applications. All of these settings can be adjusted so that you can worry less and get more use out of your iPhone battery.

Your iPhone's screen is pretty look at, but depending on its brightness, it could be using up a ton of battery power. Sliding the brightness setting to the lowest tolerable level is the most reliable way to reduce battery usage, according to an OS X Daily article. The Auto-Brightness setting is more complicated though. OS X Daily recommends turning it off, but Apple says that it can actually improve battery life, according to Cult of Mac. Auto-Brightness adjusts your iPhone screen brightness by reading  the ambient light around it, meaning that the device automatically dims the screen if there isn't much light around you.

Networks and notifications
Your iPhone has a multiple radios and antennas that enable you to tap into technologies like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and mobile data. If you have an iPhone 5 in particular, then you've probably noticed how incredibly fast it can be when you need the Internet, which is due to its zippy Long Term Evolution (LTE) radio. However, LTE requires a lot of power to move so quickly, but it  can be deactivated temporarily to make your battery's life a little easier.

Do you have a lot of apps on your iPhone? Chances are that a good chunk of them, from Starbucks to Twitter, want to use your phone's location services to figure out where you are so that they can customize in-app content for you. In the iPhone Settings menu, you can disable location services for each app so that you don't overuse them and run out of juice.

Depending on how much email you get, you may also be able to get away with turning off your iPhone's push notifications. When these notifications are enabled, your phone routinely checks for more email so that it can then “push” a message to you tell you that something new has arrived. These can also be disabled in the Settings app, under notifications.

Keeping your iPhone battery healthy can be tricky. If you think something is wrong with its battery or screen, iResQ can help with any of your iPhone repair needs!

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