The iPod is on its way out

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In a way, everyone knew this day would come at some point.

Since its inception, the iPhone has always been capable of storing and playing music. But because the market for the device was nothing like it is now, there was still a demand for the iPod – a way to enjoy MP3s for those still tied to the relatively-archaic nature of their flip phones. 

But time wore on, and soon iPhones were so commonplace that their distinctive message alert noises sent everyone within earshot reaching to answer a call. Within the last few years, the worth of the iPod in the modern world has been called into question. While its importance to the evolution of mobile technology cannot be overstated, the iPod – as it has been known previously, anyway – has been on a steady track to outlive its usefulness as a relevant technology. 

And now, it seems that time is finally here. A reported drop in recent sales performance is being cited as a signal of the end of the iPod age. While the possibilities it created live on, it is looking like it might be time to say goodbye to the iconic device.

Holiday figures disappoint
According to Softpedia contributor Filip Truta, none of this should come as any surprise. The iPod is still selling, but in far fewer number than it used to. The reasoning for this is clear – anybody who owns an iPhone or an iPad has little use for an iPod.

While the iPhone and iPad – the clear successors to the iPod legacy – had a record-breaking holiday season this year, their predecessor did not fare so well. According to Verge contributor Sean Hollister, Apple experienced a 52 percent decline in iPod sales, selling only 6 million units. He attributed this to the obvious cannibalization that Apple products are experiencing. Since all of the 51 million iPhones sold during this period can do all of the same things that an iPod can do – and much more – there is zero reason to invest in both.

Additionally, there seems to be little attention being paid to the iPod by Apple. While no specific plans have been announced by Apple to kill off the iPod outright, it is clear that it is becoming less of a priority as time goes by.

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