Phone Repair Professionals: Why They Matter

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When your cell phone needs repair, it becomes clear that most people rely on their smart phone for much more than just making calls. Phones are most people’s connection to the world, or at least the World Wide Web. So when it’s damaged, you want to find a reputable tech repair service who will quickly provide professional, affordable solutions.

The iResQ Solution

If you are fortunate enough to be in Kansas City when your phone is damaged, then you can walk right into our repair facility and leave with a phone working good as new.

If not, never fear! We repair devices from all over the country. Contact our customer service team to have a shipping label emailed to you, or request an custom overnight prepaid box shipped right to you! We have a variety of shipping options for every schedule and budget.

Why iResQ?

Why go to the trouble of sending your phone all the way to Kansas? The reason is simple: professional and highly trained service technicians. Cell phones are as complex as any computer system. Because of this complexity, technicians need to be properly trained on diagnostic procedures and repair processes.

Most local shops employ “tech-savvy” teens who have garnered their knowledge about electronics from watching YouTube videos. At iResQ, all our techs are thoroughly trained to repair phones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers off all makes and models.

You Get What You Pay For

Smart phone repair is just like any other good or service that you purchase: you need to invest in quality. Your phone holds tons of critical and personal information, and you shouldn’t trust that data to anyone who claims to be a service tech.

Choose the professionals to work on your smart phone and know that in just a day or two, it’ll be back in your hands and working just as well as it did the day that you bought it.

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