Texting on iPhone may make you more likely to tell the truth

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A recent study by the University of Michigan Institute for Social Research said people are more likely to tell the truth via text message than a voice interview. So, a note to all of you iPhone owners out there with broken touch screens: Get them fixed fast or you could be sending the wrong signals to your friends, coworkers and family members.

Fred Conrad, a cognitive psychologist at ISR, said the findings were a bit unexpected for researchers.

“This is sort of surprising since many people thought that texting would decrease the likelihood of disclosing sensitive information because it creates a persistent, visual record of questions and answers that others might see on your phone and in the cloud,” he said in the Institute's online alumni magazine.

Conrad said texters provide more precise answers to questions due to having more time to think about answers than those giving vocal responses. He said texting may reduce the tendency to “shade the truth” or present themselves in the best possible light in an interview.

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