Technologies for Apple users to keep an eye on

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The 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show is going on in Las Vegas January 8 through 11, providing tech and gadget lovers with plenty to look at and think about. While Apple is not attending the show, a few Apple execs have been spotted perusing the latest technology this week. Computerworld's Jonny Evans outlined five technologies from the show that Apple users might want to keep an eye on.

Evans' five technologies include superfast wireless, alternative touch technology, wireless charging solutions, Intel's new mobile chips and biometric security. The superfast wireless technology being developed is called “5G Wi-Fi” by Broadcom and promises better wireless connectivity through the deployment of the 802.11ac standard. This improvement could provide wireless devices with as much as three times the speed and six times the power efficiency of current technology.

While it's not exactly a secret that touch technology has room for improvement across all touch sensitive devices, Taiwanese Apple supplier Innolux is developing a 'Touch On Display' panel that could shake things up a bit, according to Evans. When it comes to charging your devices, a couple particular problems have been a waste of energy and pesky wires. It's possible that Apple users will soon see these issues addressed by wireless charging products from the Wireless Power Consortium.

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