Teacher Uses Free iPad to Help Students with Music

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iPads are being used in many ways in schools across the country. It’s something that has taken learning to a higher level.

Free iPad Granted to Music Director at School

For one teacher who received a FREE iPad from the Alpha Upsilon Chapter of the Delta Kappa Gamma (DKG) Society International of women educators, she is helping students play music.

Kim Clarke is the band director at Port Townsend High School. She accepted the iPad given to her after she applied for the grant. In her grant, she explained how an iPad could be highly beneficial to her music students because of the many apps available that can record and assess tones played by instruments.

By using the tuning and metronome apps, teachers can play music and have the apps show students how it should sound. Students can then practice and have the apps help them see the differences in how theirs came out versus their teacher’s recording.

A lot of learning can come out of the apps on the iPad, so teachers and students are quite excited about having this option now as part of the music department. There may even be some musicians who come out of this wonderful offering from the DKG.

About Grants for iPads

A grant is a special award that does not need to be paid back. Many times, grants are available to schools and teachers to excel students’ learning. The best way to find grants in your area is to conduct a search online.

The particular grant Clarke received was one only offered to teachers in the Port Townsend, Quilcene, Brinnon and Chimacum school districts.

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