Tea time is bad news for MacBook, and other repair stories

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Tea for two and two for tea (only one comes out OK)

  • The situation: A Pennsylvania woman sent her device in for a MacBook repair after its keyboard had an unfortunate brush with some tea.
  • What happened: As with many of our customers, this woman's predicament arose from drinking her hot beverage too close to the keyboard. She chalks up the inciting incident – when she knocked over the tea onto the computer – to her Italian heritage, and the fact that she, like all her relatives, gesticulates broadly while talking. Unfortunately, the path of her hands did not account for the tea and keyboard, and she ended up with a device that now only works intermittently. To add insult to injury, the tea she spilled on the computer had honey in it, the sticky consistency of which certainly doesn't help the situation.
  • The solution: Now that she's sent the device to us, we'll do some diagnostic work to determine exactly what was affected by the spill. Because the drink got into the keyboard, it could threaten the functionality of the logic board, which in turn could mean a significant repair. The lesson here, folks, is that if you're drinking tea or coffee, maybe choose that moment to read a book instead of use your computer.

Coffee gets a story too

  • The situation: A Maryland man got in contact with us about an iPod repair after his device ran into some problems with a morning cup of joe.
  • What happened: In this man's case, the problem is that he kept his iPod and his thermos of coffee in the same backpack. One day, as sealed mugs are apt to do, this man's container started leaking in his backpack. And guess what victim fell squarely in the path of the released liquid?
  • The solution: The man is one of our many resourceful customers, and so before contacting us he did some well-advised recovery work himself. First, he placed the iPod in a bag of uncooked rice for 24 hours, which is always a worthwhile thing to do. After that, he took the face plate off to clean the interior of the device. While disassembling an iPod like this is something you can do in the comfort of your own home, make sure you know exactly what you're getting into before doing it. Small, intricate and easily damaged, the interior of the iPod is not the place where you want to give your repair prowess a first-time trial run. Now that the device is in our care, we'll decide on the best plan of action for repairing it.

Walk, don't run, to your dates

  • The situation: A California man sent his device in for an iPhone screen repair after it experienced a bad tumble. In his repair request, he described the screen, rather poetically, as looking “like a backlit mosaic.”
  • What happened: The man was not in an entirely calm mindset when he dropped his phone. Instead, he was beset by the understandable anxiety that surrounds a first date. Compounding his anxiety was the fact that he'd met the other person on Tinder, which we're told is an app that pairs people together with literally the swipe of a finger. In his haste to meet his date, his phone ended up taking a plunge.
  • The solution: As wonderful as mosaics are to look at, we'd imagine the man wants his device's screen restored to its original form. We'll carry out a screen repair here in our shop and have his phone back to him in no time – perhaps even soon enough to plan date number two.
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