Tap out: A new game is born for the iPad

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Ever have a time when your iPad is out of commission for an extended amount of time? It sucks; no games, no cool apps and a much poorer sense of direction without those helpful maps. With iPad repair, people can avoid all of that and get back to downloading new apps, such as Disney Mobile's new Tap Tap Revenge: Tour, which features a great selection of music and other offerings, USA Today reports.

“In case you've never played a round of Tap Tap Revenge, these rhythm games are similar in gameplay to the Guitar Hero and Rock Band games on consoles: While listening to familiar songs, you'll watch as colored orbs (and other shapes) fly down a highway, until they cross over a threshold near the bottom of the screen; tap the correct circle at the right time and you'll be awarded points,” the news source said of the app.

USA Today said this game also has the largest catalog of songs available for a Tap Tap game at its launch date. For those who love current pop songs, there's a free remix of Carly Rae Jepsen's “Call Me Maybe.”

With iResQ, you can get the iPad repair you need and deserve without having to wait weeks to get your device back. Your iPad, whether the screen is cracked or the headphone jack is broken, will be back to your tapping fingers in no time.

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