Are Tablets Phasing Out? 2 in 1s Taking Over?

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Tablets and iPads aren’t getting as much love as they have in the past. Reports show Samsung, Asus, Apple, and other tablet manufacturers saw a significant drop in tablet purchases in 2015. Could this mean people are over their tablets, and choosing other forms of technology for entertainment and business? Possibly.

The 2 in 1s are getting a lot more attention lately. These are the laptop that can turn into a tablet easily. You can either swing the screen all the way back and hold it like a tablet, or you can simply take the screen off to make it a tablet. People seem to like this concept, and it’s probably because they can replace two devices with one.

What This Means for Repair Services for Tablets and iPads?

As manufacturers see that people aren’t interested in a separate tablet or iPad, they will start making changes to the new devices that come out to compete with the 2 in 1s. This means that if you like the tablet or iPad you have now, you better hold on to it.

Repair services for tablets and iPads will be in need much more. Getting your device fixed instead of going out and buying a new one is a better choice anyway, since you’ll be able to repair one for much less money.

Not only that, you get to keep the familiarity of the device. No need to learn anything new about 2 in 1s because you have exactly what you need in your hands, and it’s been there for a while.

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