T-Mobile says network will soon be iPhone-ready

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While T-Mobile doesn't sell Apple iPhones itself, it expects to be able to have 3G and 4G LTE service for iPhone users by the end of this year, PCWorld recently reported. Increasing its offerings may enable T-Mobile to attract a block of new customers, which may put pressure on other service providers. As a result, plan prices may decrease across the board – a major benefit for subscribers struggling to make their monthly payments.

The company says it already has more than 1 million subscribers on unlocked iPhones on its network, but those people are limited to StoneAge-like 2G speeds. With the new upgrade, T-Mobile may be able to increase its customer base and take a larger portion of the smartphone subscriber market.

Having another provider offering high-speed data capabilities is only good news for iPhone owners, as the more competition there is, the more providers will have to fine-tune their services and pricing plans to keep and attract customers. However, a possible lower monthly cost will be for nothing, for individuals with a broken or malfunctioning iPhone.

Rather than carry around an inoperable device, these individuals should contact iPhone repair specialist, iResQ, to see whether their unit can be fixed for a low cost. The repair company specializes in restoring damaged Apple products to like-new conditions, and even provides free repair quotes to reduce some of the pressure on consumers' wallets. If you're thinking of switching providers, but are hesitant to make any moves because your iPhone is acting up, check out iResQ and see if a quick fix is possible.

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