T-Mobile customers excited to snap up iPhones

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For a long time, if you wanted an iPhone, you had to have the right carrier. Slowly, though, the options have expanded, and T-Mobile recently became the last of the four major U.S. telecoms to start carrying the device.

And people were ready for it: The company recently announced it already sold 500,000 iPhones since it started selling the Apple product on April 12.

The iPhone could provide a bit of a boost to T-Mobile, which was experiencing a year-over-year decline in revenues in the first quarter of the year, AppleInsider noted. These iPhone sales will first appear with T-Mobile's second quarter results.

The country's fourth-largest carrier, T-Mobile has around 34 million customers, AppleInsider reported. With half a million iPhone sales so far, there is likely room for substantially greater adoption. A recent comScore survey found that Apple's share of the U.S. smartphone market rose to 39 percent in the first quarter of 2013. To match that rate, another 12.7 million T-Mobile customers will have to be in the market for an iPhone.

As T-Mobile users embrace the iPhone, they are likely to discover that while it comes with some amazing features, it can still break. If your new iPhone suffers a cracked screen or other damage, iResQ's iPhone repair services can get it back in working order.

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